Cara Milk


Cara is stunning beauty with a glowing heart, a warm smile and and legs all the way to the milky way. This exceptionally gifted performer & designer was a founding member of the Sweet Soul troupe in 2003. Her penchant for prop work delights audiences to no end... this master of the classic fan dance can also whip off a bustier one-handed while spinning two hula hoops! She is also famous integrating belly dance movement and exploring the sensual past of different cultures in her work, while at the same time effortlessly evoking the classic Bettie-Page pin-up archetype! To top all of this off, Cara's most developed craft is arguably her costume making and design. Giant hoop skirts, parachute dresses and superhero capes all find their way out of her mind and onto the stage with grace, style and a touch of magic.

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